Zara Home

Rebrand and concept proposal for Zara home.


Zara Home, a renowned brand in the home decor industry, seeks to enhance its user experience and strengthen its visual identity through a comprehensive UI/UX rebrand. This research and concept proposal outline the key objectives, methodologies, and deliverables for the project.


The main objective aimed to improve the overall usability and accessibility of the Zara Home website, ensuring a seamless and engaging shopping experience for customers.
There was also the need to bring up the brand identity more. This was possible by developing a fresh and modern visual identity that aligns with Zara Home's values and that positions the brand as a leader in the home decor market.


I have conducted user interviews and surveys to gather insights on pain points, preferences, and expectations. After analyzing user behavior through heatmaps, click-tracking, and session recordings to identify areas of improvement. I performed competitive analysis to identify industry trends and best practices. Then I defined and refined Zara Home's visual identity, including typography, color palettes, and imagery guidelines. I created mood boards and style guides to establish the new brand aesthetics. Designed a fresh and intuitive user interface that reflects the brand's new visual identity and enhances the overall user experience.

My Role

I covered a general role where I followed all the practices from a very first-level point of view. From the research until the definition of the visual design, all the work has been created by me.


This research focuses on developing a fresh and innovative concept for Zara Home, a leading home decor brand. By conducting market analysis, trend research, and customer insights, I aim to identify new directions and ideas that will differentiate Zara Home in the market and improve its customer journey during the add-to-cart phase.


Persona's Analysis

The persona analysis helped me gain a deeper understanding of Zara Home's target audience. By analyzing demographics, behaviors, needs, and motivations, I created detailed personas that represent the key customer segments.


Product Analysis

During the research, the main objective was to highlight the pain points of the customer journey. In the next slides, I highlighted the areas that didn't work on the mobile version of the website, trying to think forward with what solution to integrate.

User Experience Review

Given the nice material Zara Home can display on its platform,
emerged that some of the flows are not smooth and require a bit of refinement. 
I noticed that mostly on the mobile version of the website, so I started from it, as I consider mobile to be the first to refine when discussing user experience. Overall, the menu has some flaws, but also the process of adding products to the cart can be improved.


Design Concept

While working on this part of the project, I created design solutions that aimed to define the general idea of the final product. To do this, I based my design process on results coming from the initial research, having the essence of the brand always in mind, to achieve the best possible solution to describe Zara Home.

User Interface proposal

In this final stage, I combined all practices and results in a prototype, in order to show the client the potential final product in an interactive way.

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